The current state of the NFL season

The current state of the NFL season

Colten Stone, Managing Editor

With 4 weeks left into the 2017-2018 NFL season, We have seen a turn of events from the Chiefs finishing last season at 12-4 and the second best team in the AFC last year, and starting this season as the league’s best team at 5-0. The team now struggles with a 6-6 record, being tied for the AFC West. Much like the Philadelphia Eagles, who finished the year last season with a record of 7-9, being last in their division. The Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in the NFL this year, with a current record of 10-1, needing just need one more win this entire season to clinch a playoff spot and their division.


There are a ton of NFL fans at Battle High School, but not everybody is a fan of the same team, such as sophomore Trae Hicks, who has a different preferred team. Hicks says “I am a fan of the Tennessee Titans, I’ve been a fan of the titans my entire life and this season they are gonna go to the playoffs, If we make it to the playoffs i’m not expecting to win the super bowl, I hope we do but I’m hoping that the titans will make at least the divisional round.” The Titans are currently tied for first place in the AFC South with the Jacksonville Jaguars with a 8-4 record. If the titans do not win the division they are still in good shape as they are good enough for a wild card spot as well.


The team you’re supporting might not always be the best team in the NFL. Sophomore Dawson Meierotto is embraces not being the best with his favorite team. Meierotto said “I am a fan of the New York Giants, I have always been and I always will be, this season is one of the worst seasons that we have had in a long time, we haven’t really been great since our last super bowl but I bet we will get better in the coming years, we won’t make the playoffs this year but if we did make it we would be out in the wild card round.” The Giants are currently last in the NFC East with a 2-10 record and are tied for the worst team in the NFC with 49ers who are 2-10.


When you are born in the state of the team you live at, you usually become a fan right away. Senior Chad Voney is a diehard NFL Fan, especially of the Kansas City Chiefs. Voney says, “I love the Kansas City Chiefs, I always have loved the chiefs and I will never not stop loving the chiefs. I think we will do really good for the rest of the season and make the super bowl, if we make the super bowl I think we will win it all.” The chiefs are currently tied for 1st in the AFC West at 6-6 but if they lose the division, there is a possibility that they could not make the Playoffs this season.