Signs by Drake review

Neila Bates , Reporter

Canadian hip-hop artist Drake released his new single “Signs” in June of this year. Drake has been on the music scene for almost a decade his career oddly enough began by landing a role in Degrassi: The next generation in 2001. Following his acting career, he moved on to music releasing his first mixtape in 2006 Room For Improvement.

Signs brought forth so many good things, a beat with solid electronic influence but not to the point where it was overwhelmingly electronic, Smooth vocals, and a pleasingly different approach to Drake’s usual methods of song. The song talks about taking it easy with the line “I gotta catch myself, I can’t play myself, I need to take it easy.” suggesting he’s talking about taking things a little slower in life the song really displays a message of self-care but also working for himself and this relationship and balancing both his life and the relationship. It also plays around with trying to balance everything while trying to live the superstar life, this is shown in the line “Lord forgive me I can’t take things slowly.”

The approach Drake took while writing this was truly interesting he has always had electronic influence in his music just look at songs like “Gun-walk” and “Jumpman” but Signs was different, it still has the electronic influence but it almost sounds like a love song with a twist, you really get this in not only his tone but in the lyrics especially when he sings ” And I’m taking my time, just wait don’t leave, I can’t say no when you say please.”

Overall Signs was a really good piece Drake took a step out of his box and it turned out really well.