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Avid 10 book club

Book club members gathered in discussion

Book club members gathered in discussion

Book club members gathered in discussion

Neila Bates, Staff writer

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The Avid 10 book club gathered again last week to discuss Solo by Kwame Alexander. The book club is a product of an organization called project lit. Project lit was created by a man named Jarred Amato, who is a teacher. Amato posted on explaining his goal and how he plans to achieve it, he mentions an article discussing “Book deserts” (areas with limited access to literature.) Amatos’ goal is to promote literacy across the country by branching out to schools and communities. Club sponsor, Lynn Hagen mentions “I followed Jarred, I really wanna help build a stronger reading culture at battle.”

A large focus of the book club is expanding even within the students in the club you see a want for expansion Aya Bellaoui says “We’re starting out with battle so we’re trying to get more students involved, eventually we’re going out into the community and getting the district involved and Dr. Stiepleman.” Hagan also really wants to reach out to the community and promote literacy. This goes hand in hand with project lit and Amatos goals.

This group affects the students involved heavily, Bellaoui mentions “I’m part of Avid so I don’t really have a choice but if I did i’d participate because promoting literacy is important, it will help students in the future, it’s so much more than discussing books” The last book the club read was “The hate you give” by Angie Thomas and Hagan mentioned “I think that many of them didn’t really know there were books like the hate you give out there.” The club also has a large focus on sparking dialect over the books they read with prompted discussions at the beginning of the gathering.

Overall the Avid 10 book club has big goals to meet and enthusiastic students to meet said goals. They’ll be continuing their work in January.

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  1. Aya Bellaoui on December 19th, 2017 8:56 am

    I love this, keep up the good work!


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