Academic Benefits of Sports

Lily Drage


Families across America partake in the visual consumption of sporting events. But once the option is available kids may take a chance and try out for their favorite sport. It starts as a quite mortifying process but breaks into a potential friendship with a second family. Despite some beneficial sporting outcomes, students tend to get kicked off teams for their inactiveness and lack of responsibility in the classroom. But I spoke to Mr. Huck, a teacher and assistant soccer coach here at Batlle about how to balance school and sports responsibilities. According to him, students should “take advantage of advisory, study halls, and spartan time..” Student’s can use those time periods to catch up on work that they

In the book, “UNJUGGLED” author Jana Kingsford says “Balance isn’t something you find. It is something you create.”

Here are a few beginning steps to creating balance:

  • Find a friend in the same class as you for updates on homework/projects
  • Use free time for assignments with upcoming due dates (this means on the bus on the way to the game)
  • Make a schedule/calendar to determine the days/times when to work on assignments
  • If you are going to busy around the date an assignment is due, do it EARLY
  • Take advantage of the weekends to get the biggest projects done
  • If a sport is ever too overwhelming and time-consuming, eliminate it from your life until you’re ready

Some people have a hard time convincing themselves to try out for a sport due to some of the time consumption that comes with joining. It might make the decision easier if people knew how many geniuses were athletes during their high school career.

For example, Buzz Aldrin, one of the first two humans on the moon, was a football player in high school. According to Mental Floss, he was a quarterback. Also, Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi, was noted for his persistence which he gained from playing tennis in high school. Fermi would later go on to receive a Nobel Prize in 1938. Many high school athletes worked hard physically and mentally to become who they are today. For those of you still questioning whether or not to join a team, please take this information into consideration to determine your next step forward.