Stranger Things Season 2 Review


Lily Drage

Some of the most iconic shows originate from the 1980s, from “The Cosby Show” to “Dallas” the youth of which whom are now millennials were receivers of the most intriguing media. For us, as Generation Z, we can only assume and read about what happened in the early 1980s. The reading and researching are finally over!

The Duffer Brothers recreated the year 1983 last season of the #5 most popular show on IMDB, Stranger Things. This season joins Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas as they search for Elle. What about Nancy and Jonathan, you ask? Oh, honey, you are going to need to take a seat before I start. This season was jam-packed with romance and action. There is no wonder it received a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even the Netflix original “The Crown” which recently released a new season, has been having trouble competing with Stranger Things.

This season along with traveling around with the boys, we share a point of view with Jonathan and Nancy. As there bond gets closer and closer to this season. We watched them become a part of each other’s lives last season, but this season they finally give in. While the growing love birds travel together Nancy wrestles with the truth about what happened to Barb. After a loss in the connection between Nancy and Steve, innocent and naive Steve Harrington returns for reconciliation only to find Dustin on the way out of Mike and Nancy’s home. The two form an unlikely friendship. We also are introduced to a new character named, Maxine. A redheaded gamer who is new to Hawkins. We also carry out with the journey of Officer Hopper and Eleven, as Eleven is forced to reside with Hopper and live her life in secret. She fines adoration in the t.v. which she uses as a distraction from Officer Hopper’s constant late arrival.

Eleven gains more interest in finding her birth mother to figure out what happened at birth. As fate would have it, Elle would come to find that her birth mother was stuck in a loop. Her mother relives the day in which “Jane” was taken away from her. In search of more information, Elle comes across a photograph of her and another girl, which introduces the character of 008. Which soon results in Eleven taking part in the 80s gothic reign. Much more took place this season but those were some of the key things to recap.

Some of my favorite parts of this season were the new perspectives, the views came from all ages and various situations. It was wonderful to find more in each person than depicted last season. This season comes with some very appealing visual graphics and some heavily romantic sequences. The script is very gripping. The argument exchanged between Hopper and Eleven that sets of Elle’s fuse is very heated and emotional. There are also some warnings, DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS, it’s just going to break your heart. Also, if you really enjoy love triangles this season is the top notch for such scenarios. Steve and Jonathan are both recipients of Nancy’s affection but one more than the other. Lucas and Dustin battle it out for the gift of Maxine’s heart as the Snowball draws near.

This season is highly recommended, there is no reason not to watch it. It has absolutely everything in it. Finally, a history depiction that you can enjoy! A very well written and acted show formed around characters relatively our age.