Battalion Warmups: Senior Summary

Senior Sadness?

Summer Evans

Battle show choir, commonly known as Battalion is ready to take the stage this competitive season. At this point in the year, the choral group is going through warm-ups. These intensive practices include learning choreography and music to create a musical experience.

The environment of show choir is very intense at this time of the year.Everyone filters in and out of the choir room preparing. Some people chat with Jazzmond Rucker before while other players on their phones and chat with friends. The sounds are chaotic yet energetic. Students walked in, each of them with their own personalities. You immediately can see the seniors. They’re more relaxed and carefree in their actions, meanwhile, the “newbies” are a lot more nervous and self-conscious.

“As a senior with a class that requires additional time outside of school to progress, it can be very difficult balancing show choir between other homework and life”

– Julia Banks

This was definitely observed through the practice. You can tell the students have other things on their minds. All you can imagine is them wondering “I have to study for my calculus test?” or “Is that essay due today?” Luckily, show choir practices twice a week. Two hours of the students Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to singing and dancing, not to mention the block class every other day that is utilized. It seems that there is enough time to prepare.

A lot of preparation is needed but it comes down to the big day. No matter how much they prepare the odds of something going wrong is always a possibility. Someone could easily get sick and lose their voice, fall off a visor and get injured, and God forbid someone forgets their hairspray!

“The thing I’ll miss most about show choir is the family atmosphere. I’m around all of these people so much when I leave it will feel so much different without them.”

-Darren Williams

The crazy energetic performances these students put on making a lasting impact. Every sound and motion is molding each and every one of them to be greater. The routines are never forgotten. They create memories and bonds that are too powerful to ever break. The staff to the students are the biggest influence. They are respected for their craft and rewards with the happiness of their students.