DORA: Hispanic vs Non-Hispanic Opinion

Summer Evans, Sandra Medina

Dora the Explorer is an educational animated tv series that was introduced to children in 2000. The Dora franchise from then exploded. Little boys and girls were buying Dora clothing, coloring books, and also not to mention the spinoff movies that came out constantly. Dora till this a day as a staple of education to little kids. Nickelodeon claims Dora is supposed to teach children, problem solving, simple math skills, and Spanish culture/language. This brings up lots of debate. While some believe Dora was very beneficial in teaching some aspects of Spanish lives, many others disagree. Here is a review of Dora from a Hispanic and Non-Hispanic.

I grew up watching Dora the Explorer every morning and evening. In my eyes, it is a very educational tv show for any kid even those who already know Spanish such as myself.

It contained and still does contain many positive messages for children such as not to steal, to do good deeds for others without expecting anything in return, to work together, and how to achieve goals. But not only does it contain positive messages but it also continues positive role models such as Dora, boots, and sometimes Diego and many more.

Although most will get irritated with the long pauses after every question it was mainly due to the fact that not every kid thinks or processes things at the same speed.


I also grew up watching Dora. I always enjoyed tv shows that required some kind of “interaction.” As a child, I was very calm and I loved watching tv so I never sought out Dora to learn Spanish.

Dora, to me at the time was who I wanted to be. She could leave her house and go hang out with her friends and do whatever she wanted. From watching Dora I’ve learned a few phrases like “Vamnes” and “hola, soy summer;” which I think is nice. It’s a great way to introduce your kids to a language. In the long run, though I forgot half the stuff I learned from the show in the first place.

Dora though is still a great show. I mean when you grow up saying “seatbelts so we can be safe,” I’m pretty sure that’s a lasting impact for the good of everyone


Although everyone might have a different opinion on Dora the Explorer There is no denying that the tv show did have had a good influence and inattention. It has been a show loved by many kids all over from every race and background, And still is.