Late Starts, Early Releases & Cancellations


Caden Elkthunder

It’s winter in Missouri and the weather has caused school to start later or to end earlier. Late start days usually caused by weather like ice or road issues, the starting time for 1st block is 10:55 but all classes have different lengths and lunches start at different times, A Lunch at 12:05, B Lunch at 12:40, C Lunch at 1:15 but the end of school ends at 4:05 normally. Early release days all classes are 54 minutes A Lunch is at 12:00, B Lunch is at 12:35, C lunch is at 1:05, school ends at 1:35. Of course there are full day cancellations if this happens then they tack on an extra day of school each school cancellation as of right now if no school cancellations happen Battle freshman, sophomores, and juniors school year ends on Monday May 21st, but late starts and early release days do not tack on extra days.

I asked sophomore Sincere Wright-Davis his opinions on late starts, early release and cancellations he said ” I like early release days better than late starts because I have more of the afternoon and I feel like i’m not missing much in the morning when i’m at school”

I also asked sophomore Nathan Walker for his opinions he said ” I 100% like late starts because they don’t count as actual snow days. I prefer late starts and early releases more than full day cancellations. I like the late starts a lot because it doesn’t tack on any extra days at the end of the school year and I get more hours of sleep”

I got feedback from Biology and Kinesiology teacher Mr.Elmy he said” I very much like the late starts for school I can wake up without my alarm waking me up so early and make breakfast enjoy my coffee without feeling rushed”

So what do you prefer? Do you like a full day off but then extending the school year or are late starts and early releases good enough?