Spartans Return from Winter Break


Mikah Matthews

Isabel Fagre diligently works on her classwork. (Mikah Matthews)

Colten Stone, Managing Editor

Battle High School students returned to school last week for the start of the second semester. Returning from break isn’t always the easiest at first but it gives students the opportunity to do better than what they did in the previous semester. The new semester also shows difficulty in new schedules and classes for some students.

Most students had a lot of activities over break and have a hard time adjusting back to their school schedule. Sophomore Jalen Parker said, “I did a lot during break, I had to work a lot at my job and I spent lots of time with my family. It’s hard but it ain’t weird to come back because if you go to like summer school and stuff every year you’ll get used to it. I don’t feel break should be longer.”

Some other students have opposite feelings, such as sophomore Landon Ray. Ray said, “I went to the lake a lot and I spent time with my family and friends. Yes, I feel that it’s weird to come back, I wish that break was longer… it should be at least one month. “

Teachers get these breaks as well and also have a perspective about, like SSKIP Teacher Cedric Alvis. Alvis said “I didn’t do much this break, I just spent time with family and relaxed. Winter break should be a solid 2 weeks including the weekends.

There have been some comparisons between winter and summer break and how students feel when they return from break. Parker said, “I don’t think coming back from winter break is more stressful than summer because in the summer you have more time out of school so summer is more stressful to come back from.” Alvis also agrees with Parker about the difference between the breaks. Alvis commented, “It didn’t feel weird to come back after winter break but it is for summer break because of how much longer summer break is. I don’t think that coming back from winter break is stressful because its cold and you can’t do much, like I like to go fishing and hunting, but during winter break I cant do any of those.” Other students feel that both breaks have an adequate amount of “reset” time. Ray said, “Winter and summer break feel the same when returning.” Ray added that it takes time for him to adjust to having to be back in school and his class schedule.

It’s been two weeks since we have returned and we are now back to our regular schedules.