Save the Juice



Summer Evans

“Save the Juice”

Tired of your go-to tool shutting off on you during the day? No one wants to deal with long knotted up chargers throughout the school day or spend time bothering others asking if their charger is on them.

Whether or not you charge your laptop before you arrive at school, with the number of time students are on their laptops, the devices more than likely will die before 4:05 hits. It may seem like there is no more hope, but I’m here to tell you there are 5 ways to preserve the battery of your laptop. .

1.” Turn the Lights Down Low.”

Whenever you’re using your laptop, you most likely have your brightness all the way up. Though this makes items on your screen easier to see, it causes a toll on your battery. By reducing your screen brightness you can almost double your battery life.

2.”Motion Commotion.”

It may seem cool and unique to have “live” wallpapers displayed on your screen, but in reality, it’s not cool when your battery dies. By removing these “live” wallpapers your battery can have a break whenever it is in STANDBY mode.

3.”Kill the Connection.”

Yes, it may seem handy to keep your wifi connected at all times. Turning off your wifi will dramatically preserve battery life. Though this hack can save your battery, it does add a little more prep time before using internet services.

4.”Less is More.”

Charging your laptop to 100% may seem ideal, but what you don’t know is that fully charging your laptop can be degrading towards your battery. Lithium-ion batteries usually can identify whether or not they are fully charged which limits “overcharging,” but the constant identification can wear out your battery, shortening its lifetime.

5.”Terminate the Tabs.”

If you’re like any normal person you probably don’t keep track of the number of apps and tabs that are open. These two things can have an immense toll on your battery. By closing them when not being used it is guaranteed your battery will last throughout the day.