Dear Darla: Valentines Day #1


Dear Darla , Staff writer

Question: Dear Darla, Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m going to Courtwarming alone. I mean, I have friends to go with me, but I really wish I had a date. I’ve found myself feeling very lonely when I walk out the school doors and I’m suddenly surrounded by couples. I’m on the A Honor Roll, but I want to have a boyfriend. I’m super shy and I like someone at the moment, but they are my EX. He basically dumped me twice over the summer. TWICE. I know. The last conversation we had, I said, “I hate you and unless you want to date me again and not leave me, I never want to talk to you again.” I always find myself looking at him during lunch, by I have reason to believe he doesn’t like me anymore. Guys are so confusing sometimes. Help Darla!
Single, Lonely, and No-Spark Wannabe


Dear Single and lonely,

I agree guys are confusing, but this relationship you’re invested in could potentially be extremely toxic for both parties. It is perfectly fine to go to court warming with your friends, trust me I’ve done homecoming and court warming with my friends before. We’re in a time period of independence for women I think you definitely deserve better than someone who has cut it off with you two times, you have to remember you’re young and have your whole life ahead of you, you deserve to be happy and I don’t think you’ll find that with this person, don’t fight for feelings that aren’t there you’ll only hurt yourself more. I think you should take a step back and enjoy the rest of this semester and have a great time at court warming with your friends, eat a little ice cream if you have too and just live it up!

Yours truly,