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Alissa Perkins and Tayus Jones

Call to Battle Journalism Photobooth

The Newspaper and Yearbook hosted a photo booth at the annual Call to Battle, an event to showcase the courses and extracurricular activity the high school has to offer. The event occurred on the football field on Aug. 9, from 6-8p.m.

Joe Lee and Sarah Higgins
Alissa Perkins and Tayus Jones
Jake Hedrick and Destiny Dollinger
Destiny Dollinger and Jake Hedrick
Maleah Ray, Alissa Perkins, Katelin Glascock
Alexis Menendez and Emma Hudson
Aysia J. Parker, Madalynn Elam, and Katelyn Burlin
Ashley Bland and Kendra Mackey
Kaitlyn Bailey and Adrian Maddox

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