Battle vs Smith-Cotton Week 2 Preview


Colten Stone, Managing Editor

August 31st the Spartans boy football team will go to battle against the Smith-Cotton Tigers at home for the first time ever.

The Spartans are coming off a big 53-25 week one win against the St Louis University High Jr Billikens, where the Spartans showed that they can have a very explosive offense and very speedy defensive side, now this week the Spartans will focus on their new opponent, the 1-0 and class five district four foe the 1-0 Smith-Cotton Tigers from Sedalia.

The Smith-Cotton Tigers are coming in with a 1-0 record with a very hard fought 21-14 win at home last week against the Moberly Spartans, the Tigers also will be trying to get an undefeated 9-0 undefeated regular season just like last season, but the Tigers will face its toughest challenge yet in the last two seasons.

The things to look for in both teams, you will see really very explosive and powerful plays from the offensive side of the football, as well as a big group of nasty looking tackles and hits from both sides of the defensive ends of the ball.

The Spartans defeated the Tigers by the score of 39-22 to move on to 2-0 on the season.