Beast Takes the Stage

Students audition for the musical: Beauty and the Beast


Kaylee Faddis

Tori Herin, Steve Bakko, Alissa Perkins, Jaylie Echternach

Kaylee Faddis, Reporter

They can sing; they can dance. After all, this isn’t France. But it is preparation for the Beauty and the Beast musical! Auditions for the first production of the school year were held in the PAC during the second week of September. Students gathered around anxiously as they warmed up their voices. Notes of all sounds and ranges filled the atmosphere as the stage lights flickered and students were challenged to compete for their spot on the stage.

Tim Hercules, Director of Vocal Arts, admitted his concern about bringing a classic to the stage, “Since our school is so young, we have never done the show before. It would be something that is open to all people and all audiences. I think that it would be a great addition to the Battle repertoire.”

Tryouts for each part were nerve-racking, but when it comes to good advice for new and returning thespians, Amariah Tally-Woodson, a sophomore, said, “I would say that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to go all out on stage, because that’s the problem that a lot of new thespians have. They try to look ‘good’ aesthetically while they’re performing and sometimes you just have to look ridiculous. You have to be willing to do something that makes you feel ridiculous.”

Also when looking for a message in Beauty and the Beast, it’s not all about love. Beauty and the Beast is seen as a story of love, intimacy, and the feeling of finally being accepted for who someone truly is.

Hercules uncovered a different meaning. “Don’t always judge a book by it’s cover, sometimes people facade does not match the inside. Celebrate love and celebrate equality.”