Homecoming Ends in a Loss

The game entertains fans but ultimately the Spartans lose

Avery Lynn, Reporter

Hundreds of students celebrated their annual homecoming football game on September 21 against the Jackson Fighting Indians under the lights. The homecoming game is the heaviest game attended for multiple reasons including more spectators and students excited for the homecoming dance the next day. The student section cheered on the football team, however the game resulted in a loss to Jackson with a final score of 33 to 60.

Senior Jake Hedrick described why he looks forward to a homecoming game over a typical Friday night game, “They’re more different because you’re not just playing for the team, you’re playing for your school and they are more amped up.”

The team took the energy of the student section and started off the game rather well, but then slowly started to trail off and fall behind the Indians. Battle appeared to be hanging with the opposition, but then a series of missed opportunities lead to Jackson taking the lead.

Hedrick described his thoughts as the game unfolded, “There were moments when it seemed like we couldn’t finish plays when we had them wrapped up.”

Despite being down, the student section continued to get ramped up early in the game. Stands were filled with gold, the theme for the game. Some students such as Joe Lee and Isaiah DeShon painted their bodies in gold.

Senior Kendra Mackey explained how the atmosphere can be impacted by a theme, and a larger number of students, “I feel like since it was a gold out game everybody was really into it. There were guys who were face painted and bodys were painted.” Mackey continued, “Everybody was ready and hyped.”

English teacher Kelly Penn described what it is like to be a parent of fans and a teacher in the stands, “The students help to rally the crowd up. When the students get into the game, my kids get more into it because they find it more entertaining.”

At halftime Battle crowned Ian Graves as Homecoming King and Sarah Higgins as Homecoming Queen. Graves raised $548 for charity, and Higgins raised $1,678 for charity to benefit the Alzheimer’s Society.

The marching band also performed their show “Above and Beyond” during halftime, and was followed up by the dance team. The halftime show is performed at competitions throughout the fall.

However, Battle continued to trail behind Jackson in the third quarter, slowly edging further and further away from a possible comeback.

Although the football team ended the night with a loss against the Jackson Fighting Indians, it was a time for students to rally together behind one team, and bond as a student body. Throughout the week students got the opportunity to participate in a week of themes such as Pajama day on Monday, and 80’s day on Wednesday. As anticipation built up for both the Homecoming game and the Homecoming dance throughout the week, students were able to show out and support their team in an exhilarating atmosphere.