Student Athletes in PE Classes

Should student athletes be required to take a PE class?


Marissa Beaver, Reporter

In order to graduate high school, one physical education credit is required. Some students take physical education in summer school and some take it during the school year. Either way, two semesters are required. All students are required to do this, including student athletes, which can raise questions about whether or not student athletes should also be required to take a physical education class.

Sophomore cheerleader Makayla Jackson is in strength training and explained how cheer can make strength training difficult. “I mostly enjoy it. It is kind of difficult when in cheer we do stunts and my body is super sore afterwards and then I have to go to strength training,” she said.

Many students decide to take physical education during summer school to get their credit out of the way. For example, sophomore volleyball player Emma Schudel was enrolled in physical education class during summer school. She expressed that if she was in a physical education class during volleyball season it would make things more difficult.

“Most practices are two hours long every day and PE class is an hour and a half every other day so you are doing more,” Schudel explained. She then stated that a physical education class should be optional.

Sophomore golf player Haily Cook has participated in walking fitness class for the last semester of her physical education credit, after taking physical education in summer school.

“It shouldn’t be required.” Cook stated. “A lot of people don’t enjoy PE or don’t participate, they just stand there.” Cook expressed that a physical education class should be optional for athletes because the practice from their sport should count towards this credit.

As of now, student athletes are required to take a physical education class to graduate. Every student has a different opinion about whether this should remain the same or not.