Football Jamboree Article


Connor Parrish, Sports Editor

The 2018 Jamboree was a successful one for Battle this year, With the Spartans playing three scrimmage games against the Jefferson City Jays, Hickman Kewpies, and Rock Bridge Bruins. It was a good time for coaches, players, and the fans.

For the fans the Jamboree let the fans get a little preview of what is to come for the season, and to see what expectations should be for the season, and to see your favorite player in action. As spectator Jason Lewis said. “I have very high expectation for the Spartans, I feel the schedule is pretty strong which I like, and it will prep use for district and also for contention for state.” And also saying “My favorite player to watch is my son Jaren Lewis the QB numbers five.”

The players go to see what was good for them, like  the positives from the night, and what they need to work on before the first week. Especially for Battle, most of the defensive staff is new except for Defensive Lineman coach Attiyah Ellison, and Linebackers coach Trever Miller, with most of the defensive coaches moving over to Hickman. Senior OLB, and MLB Jake Hedrick states what the defensive goals are for them this year. “Our defensive goal this season to keep the form scoring, we haven’t set any firmly yet but we’re gonna have them before soon, we’re gonna keep them like we use to keep them under 14 points because if they never score we win the game” says Hedrick. Hedrick explains the positives the defense had, “I think a lot of positives is we play hard, fast, physical, we did are jobs.  We had some offside’s that killed us in the Hickman game. We really just had a lot of people that played tonight.” Hedrick explains what the defense needs to improve on from here, “I just say just fitting on the run, were pretty solid on it but it’s still a new defense for use we still need to get better at it. Are secondary is pretty solid back there, they can hit hard.”

For the Spartans offense had very good drives in their first game with Lewis making a nice pass for a touchdown on the first drive. With Senior QB Jaren Lewis, getting most of the first team snaps. But what many fans don’t know is that before Lewis was QB he played on the defensive side of the ball, stating, “Definitely help me with the coverage, just reading coverages, and just tendencies that the defense does so it gets me ahead of the game.” Positives form Jarens point of view. “Definitely the run game today with Darren, LaRue, and Torian all my offensive guys today, we did really well running the ball today, I feel like I messed up in the pass game, that is gonna be fixed during the season.” Lewis explains what the offense needs to work on, “Probably just me, making better reads as a QB, and conditioning, you can always work on conditioning.”

Battle football head coach Justin Conyers got to see first hand what their strengths, weaknesses are, “Very, very pleased from where we came from, with a whole new defensive staff pretty much over there besides defensive line coach Attiyah Ellison and coach Trever Miller, of our physicality know where to go, assignment alignment, technique. I thought our defense played extraordinary tonight. [Then] on offensively man great explosive plays you know those things where there’s some things we know we need to work on this week to get ready for SLUH. The best thing for a coach is that your preparing for one team.” In coach Conyers point of view of what they need to work on he stated, “For use offensively when teams load the box, and gives use a lot of numbers, we got to make sure we can run the football, and not just throwing the football down the field. So that’s something we will work on this week, well make sure we’re ready to go this week cause SLUH is gonna be just like Rock Bridge was tonight. And you seen use thrown the ball a little more against Rock Bridge, cause there’s a lot more guys in the box, it’s a lot harder to block them all, we don’t have numbers so we got to get better this week.” Coach Conyers stated players that fan may not know of that are going to have a big season. “Man I think it’s to be honest with you it’s gonna be the offensive line, lot of people see that we have a few seniors, graduated some guys but we’re pretty young up front, you know so I think it’s gonna be great to have those guys getting these plays in these games and build some momentum and confidence as the season goes.”  

So over all the Battle Spartans got to show what they will be able to show all season, with the fans being able to see the football team, and set expectations. Also allowing the offense/defense  get to see themself against other teams before regular season play begins. And finally for the coaches being able to get a feel of how the next few practices will go and how to prepare for week 1.