Fall Treats Review

Alissa Perkins, Reporter

People look forward to a fall treats all year round, mainly, the pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, or the pumpkin shaped cookies from Panera. However, there are plenty of other drinks and snacks that are underrated and sold from different places.

Pumpkin Spice Frappe from Starbucks

  • There’s ways to make a even basic pumpkin latte exciting. At Starbucks you’re able to frappe literally anything on their menu or pour a hot drink over ice. The drink tastes the exact same as it does when it’s hot, but it’s extremely convenient for when the weather is still in the 80s at the beginning of October and you are craving a fall drink.

Pumpkin Spice White Chocolate Mocha Frappe from Lakota

  • Lakota coffee is delicious no matter what season it is but this coffee took it to a whole new level. The white chocolate makes the coffee sweeter and it tones down the pumpkin flavor. I think this is a good drink to get into the autumn spirit if you don’t like strong pumpkin flavor.

Autumn Soup from Panera

  • Panera sells more than just fall flavored pastries, and I won’t lie, this was a hard food for me to eat. It’s a butternut squash soup that’s insanely sweet and tastes like warm pumpkin pie filling. The only part I enjoyed was dipping my bread into it. It wasn’t terrible, you just have to have a sweet tooth and not expect a savory soup.

Pumpkin Pie Concrete from Andy’s

  • Andy’s concretes are always tasty, and this one is just not my favorite. It’s literal chunks of pumpkin pie cut up and blended into ice cream. Which, yes, I understand that that’s what a concrete is, however, there’s several bites where there’s no pumpkin whatsoever and is just vanilla ice cream and I’m not a fan of that.

S’more Shake from Steak ‘n Shake

  • Steak ‘n Shake is another place that introduces new foods when the seasons change. It tastes exactly like a s’more and has a gob of chocolate in the middle with graham crackers crumbled on the top. The S’more shake is something I hold dear to my heart and it’s a devastating day when it’s no longer in season.