Mid-Term Election 2018

Lily Drage, Reporter, Arts & Entertainment Editor

As the Boone County Midterm elections neared Boone County Clerk candidates Taylor Burks and Brianna Lennon demonstrated confidence in this years newly registered voters. TIME magazine stated that a record breaking 800,000 people registered to vote this year. The jump was assumed to be a result of National Voter Registration Day. Before the 2016 general election, 66.56% was the average voter turnout percentage in Missouri according to the Voter Turnout Report. During the Midterm elections Brianna Lennon, who began campaigning in January, stated that one of the many factors of voter turnout during election season is public confidence.

Dina Van Der Zalm, campaign manager for Boone County Clerk candidate Brianna Lennon expressed, “She [Lennon] is super passionate about voting.” Brianna Lennon, who in 2016 ran for Boone County Commissioner explained her concerns for in coming voters. “I would like more voters to feel better informed about our elections,”remarked Brianna.

Van Der Zalm claimed that Lennon and her opponent Taylor Burks had “surprisingly civil” conversations during their forums. When it came to audience questions, Van Der Zalm acknowledged, “She [Lennon] hits the nail on the head with the first answer.” Van Der Zalm stated, “I am her acting campaign manager, I say that jokingly because she could certainly manage herself.”

Despite some differences, candidate Taylor Burks and candidate Brianna Lennon understand that one concern during election season is of voter research. In relations to popular topics in society candidate Taylor Burks stated,“I always hope new voters take time to research issues on the ballot.” Brianna Lennon explained that the job of a Boone County Clerk is to educate the public. Lennon further expressed that the job entitles that the Boone County Clerk along with the rest of the local government ensure that we have acceptable and accurate elections. Lennon mentioned, “It is important that we have good staff training on security.”

Taylor Burks, who worked as Voter Assistance Officer for many years, explained, “New voters have a desire to learn the process.” Burks stated that one of the most commonly asked questions at forums is, “How do I register?” For those of you 17 ½ or 18 year old students who are unaware of how to register to vote please utilise one of the follow methods, courtesy of USA.gov by registering or downloading the National Voter Registration and filling out the application.

Taylor Burks claimed that voters that don’t want to engage are the health concern for the country.  Maleah Ray, a senior, voted during the midterm election. Ray acknowledged,“It took me along time to actually go and register.” She claimed that her aunt was an advocate for her voting. Ray suggested,”Know about the candidates before going in.” Ray expressed incoming voters should note that every vote counts.

Anybody 17 ½ years or older can register through USA.gov or at any local DMV.