Get Involved!

The importance of getting involved in school activities

Cheyenne Leasure, Reporter

Getting involved in school related activities is often suggested by teachers, parents, and other adults, but why is it so important? What long or short term benefits does it provide?

One reason adults are pushing these activities onto students is because being involved in extracurricular activities provides an opportunity for college scholarships and other advantages.

“It can help you determine what you want to do in college,” said sophomore Rachel Jeffries who participates in the school orchestra and plays violin in the pit for the Beauty and the Beast play.

Aside from the college benefits that are provided through being involved in your school, there are many more reasons to participate in the provided activities of your school.   

“It forces kids to learn time management and teaches people to plan ahead,” said junior Emily Nowack who participates in the school Color Guard, “It also creates a motivation to have good grades if you’re participating in MSHSAA sports because other wise you can’t compete or perform.”

According to Principal Dr. Kim Presko, being involved in school activities helps teach students things that can’t be taught in a classroom such as teamwork and reliance on other students.. Presko participated in numerous activities during her high school career such as basketball, softball, and was treasurer of the student council when she was in junior high.

Participating in extracurricular activities also provides a place for students to make new friends. These friendships are made through bonding over shared interests, such as the activity they are involved in.

“It gets you out of your comfort zone, you can meet new people and actually have fun in high school,” said Jeffries.

Joining clubs, participating in sports, and becoming apart of the other activities provided at our school also provides a chance for our school’s community to grow.

“Whether you’re in band, or a sport, or you’re in Dumbledore’s Army you get to know those people and you can rely on each other,” said Presko.

People also join activities to help them with another thing they participate in. This is the case for Jeffries who joined pit for the Beauty and the Beast play to help better her playing in orchestra class.

School activities provide many benefits such as college opportunities, making new friends, etc. These activities also are a way to make unforgettable memories during your high school career that will follow you for the rest of your life.