Trump Campaigns in Columbia


Maddie Vessar , Reporter

About 6 a.m. on Nov 1, many people lined up at the Columbia Regional Airport to see Donald J. Trump. In the first few hours of the day all of the parking was already taken. The organizers rushed to figure out more parking for the many thousands still coming. People came over Missouri and many from out of the state.

Trump’s agenda was to come to Columbia to campaign for Josh Hawley who was running for senate against Claire McCaskill in the 2018 midterm election.

Mia Contreras, sophomore, went to the rally but got stuck outside watching the jumbotron. Contreras stated that Trump came over to the “overflow” and talked to them before going to the podium. Her favorite part of the rally was when people chanted things such as “USA!” over again, or “Build the Wall!”. “He looked so humbled when people chanted things like that.” she said. Contreras was also very surprised that there were so many young people there rather than adults. The rally was so much better than what I expected.” Contreras said.

Trump talked about things such as how the African-American and Hispanic-American poverty is at an all time low, and that the economy is at an all time high. He talked about the military and how it’s the most powerful military we’ve ever had before. Trump also talked about the media and how they put out fake news. He talked about Josh Hawley and said that Hawley was a “Star”. “Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of everything else,” Trump said.

On the 5th of November Trump came to Missouri a third time to campaign for Josh Hawley one last time before election day. It payed off helping Hawley campaign because on election day Hawley got elected to become a new senator for Missouri.