Call of Duty Review

Avery Lynn, Reporter

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is yet another installment of the very popular video game series. Black Ops 4 is a first person shooter video game, that was developed by Treyarch, and published by Activision. The Call of Duty series has sold well over 220 million copies worldwide. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is the fifth game in the Black Ops storyline, and the 15th Call of Duty game in the series. Playable on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows, Black Ops 4 is the first game in the series to feature a Battle Royale type gamemode called Blackout.

Recent Call of Duty titles have brought in lower sales over the past few years in comparison to the newest Call of Duty title, Black Ops 4, with the release of Call of Duty’s 2017 title, Call of Duty WWII reaching $1 Billion in sales in 47 days, while Call of Duty Black Ops 4 reached half a million in sales in just 3 days.

The new mode to the video game series Blackout, is similar to that of its Battle Royale competitors. Games such as Fortnite and Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), use a similar set up, which is to have 100 players drop out of an aircraft and land on a large map, and from there fight until either one team a lone survivor comes out on top. Call of Dutys version of its Battle Royale is nothing special compared to its competitors.

The Battle Royale gamemode took the place of the games campaign, leaving all three main game modes of Black Ops 4 mainly multiplayer. Black Ops 4 features a multiplayer mode where players compete against one another in a multitude of different game modes such as Free for All or Team Deathmatch. On top of Blackout and Multiplayer, Black Ops 4 features a Zombies game mode which is similar to that of the previous games in the series where a squad of up to 4 players fight against endless waves of zombies in which each wave is classified as a round. The goal is to either reach the highest round possible, while some players stray away from this goal to complete secret objectives called easter eggs.

Along with the Call of Duty series hopping on the Battle Royale bandwagon, they introduced a tier system similar to that of Fortnite. With a tier system a player has to either spend real world currency on in game currency, which is then spent to buy tiers, or to play the game and earn their tiers. With every tier earned or bought, a reward is received which is purely cosmetic and has a minute impact on how the game is played, and is purely meant for aesthetic appeal.

Although the Call of Duty series to many is not what it used to be, and personally I’d have to agree with this statement, I do enjoy the newest installment into the series Black Ops 4. In previous years in games such as Call of Duty WWII, the gameplay felt repetitive and the story did not seem as appealing as previous titles such as the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare just over a decade ago in 2007. I do enjoy the Blackout game mode due to smooth gameplay, and different experience compared to other Call of Duty titles. Although the Multiplayer experience is similar to that of other Call of Duty titles, the smooth controls and fast gameplay is always appealing to large audiences.