Winter Wonderland

Choir showcases semesters work in a concert.

Ema Higgins, Reporter

Many high school students go home right after school, but few are here late every night. Those students occupy themselves with extra curricular activities like sports and different clubs. But on December 6th, some stayed to sing. The winter choir performance showcased Battles vocal arts students singing christmas songs and more.


“I really enjoyed when we sang our last song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” because all the choirs sang together,” said Sarah Higgins, senior at Battle.

Each choir had different songs to sing but some songs were sung with every choir student involved. Higgins is in Battalion show choir and Siren Sound.

“I really enjoy how fun (choir) can be and how it allows me to meet new people, Higgins said.


Joe Lee, another senior in Battalion expressed, “I enjoy that choir is fun and a relaxed setting, but we still work hard and choir has given me a fresh outlook on life.”

Lee has been in choir three years of high school. Lee said, “I really enjoyed the acapella group, it was excellently led and everyone that is in the group did a great job.”


This year was Battles first acapella group and it began with senior Carly Ochoa. “I went to choir summer camp at Missouri State University and I saw some acapella groups,” Ochoa says, “when we sing in choir a lot of the songs have deep meanings and when you engage yourself in those songs you can get a lot of self empowerment from that so I thought that an acapella group at battle would be fun.”

The acapella group started off by singing White Winter Hymnal and ended off singing Come and See The Baby. This year Ochoa is graduating but she still wants Battle students to keep the acapella group for years to come.


The winter choir concert showed more than singing. It showed togetherness and unity throughout the diversity of Battle.