Baseball Workouts

Ema Higgins, Reporter

Each high school sport has a few months during the year that they play in, but the baseball team never stops working. Baseball is a spring sport but their workouts started in September.

Battle has a lot of baseball players which play on three different teams that are varsity, junior varsity, and the freshmen team.

Baseball works out late in the evening, compared to the traditional after school and before school practice. “We have workouts to keep our players in shape year-round,” Coach Boyer said, “workouts are Mondays at 7:30 and Thursdays at 9:00 at Fundamentals and Tuesdays and Wednesday are after school at Battle High School.” Fundamentals is a place in Columbia with batting cages.

Joseph Lee, senior on the baseball team, explained, “Workouts consist of agility training, strength training, and the fundamentals of baseball. They [the workouts],have helped me to become a faster, and smarter player.”

Coach Boyer has coached baseball here since the school opened as an assistant coach for three years and the head coach the other three years. The coaching staff coaches and supports all teams rather than being assigned to coaching one specific team.

Lee has been playing baseball since he was six. This year he committed to playing baseball at College of the Ozarks. Workouts have let Lee stay in shape on and off of the field which helped him to get a scholarship. “Probably the most important thing that I’ve learned with Battle baseball is that just because you lack in a certain area, you work with what you have and that makes you a better player,” Lee said. He has played every position but a catcher.

Tanner Jackson, another senior, at Battle has a different goal this season. “I want to play with my friends and I want to win districts with them,” Jackson said.

He’s also interested in playing baseball in college. Jackson stated, “I like the chemistry between the players and we are all friends, working our hardest to have a great season.”

Their goal of the season is to win districts and to grow as a team. Anyone interested to play baseball for Battle can tryout on Monday, February 25th at Battle.