Softball Workouts

Jocelyn Calhoun, Reporter

Though the softball season only takes up about 3 months of the year, the tight-knit group spends most of the year together. Even though softball is a fall sport, the softball workouts begin the October before the season. Workouts are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4:30 to 5:15.

Each player has a different role in the game, so the workouts are meant to help prepare the girls for their role. Softball coach Joe Henderson explained, “The girls work on leg strength, core, and upper body. They do a lot of plyometrics, running and strength work and have some occasional fun with a spontaneous floor hockey game.”

The workouts are meant to get the team in shape; however, many of the girls enjoy practicing together. “I really enjoy workouts. They are not only helpful to our body but as a team, that is where our bonding starts,” explained Mya McCubbin, sophomore. McCubbin also noted that incoming freshmen see lots of improvement from participating in the workouts.

The team has a summer schedule in June and July where they play games against other teams. These games help the girls stay competitive and get them fired up for the school season in August.

With workouts stretching from late October to early August, there is a lot of time for the girls to play other sports. Sophomore Sam Schupp decided to participate in track workouts instead of softball until the track season is over. “I chose to go to track workouts instead of softball because track was the next season. I wanted to make sure I was well conditioned for the events I would be competing in this season,” Schupp explained.

There are about 14 girls attending workouts, some of them dual sport athletes. Schupp noted  that it can be hard to decide which workouts to go to. Many of the pre-season workouts for different sports can be helpful to overall fitness, and skills from one sport may even cross over to help that athlete in another sport. Schupp explained, “They [track workouts] help a lot! I am able to work different muscles that we don’t in softball and vice versa. They complement each other really well and it has helped me become a more well-rounded athlete.”

Although there are many different girls on the team with different interests, they all work towards the same goal. “My main goal is as a team be able to pull together and take the district title this upcoming 2019 season,” explained Schupp.

Tryouts for the 2019 softball season begin August 12.