Ariana Grande “7 Rings”

Music review of “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande

Ricardo Rodriguez, Reporter

On January 18, Ariana Grande released a song called “7 Rings” from her upcoming fifth studio album. “7 Rings” is a trap song that goes for two minutes and fifty eight seconds. The song is a friendship anthem for her six friends, and also being successful and enjoying herself by spending money on the finest things.

Grande explained on twitter how the song was inspired, explaining that her friends took her to Tiffany and Co. which is a luxury jewelry retailer. While they were there, Grande bought herself and her six friends rings. On the way back, Njomza Vitia who helped write “7 Rings”, told Grande it should be a song; they wrote it later that afternoon.

When first listening to Grande’s new song, she incorporated the melody of “My Favorite Things” from the musical “The Sound of Music” composed by Richard Rodgers in the beginning verse “Breakfast at Tiffany’s/ And bottles of bubbles/ Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble/ Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines/ Buy myself all of my favorite things.” which incorporates the line break and rhythm of the original song.

According to Billboard, “It’s the most hip-hop-leaning tune she’s released in the post-Sweetener era yet, with Grande almost rapping the song’s verses.” This begins at the third verse of the song where Grande says, “I got my receipts, be lookin’ like phone numbers/ If it ain’t money, then wrong number/ Black card is my business card/ The way it be setting the tone for me.” In this verse, Grande explains how she is showing her riches. This is very contrasting to the love songs that she usually writes.

According to The Atlantic, this song has also caused some controversy. Grande has been accused of stealing two rappers flows, Princess Nokia and Soulja Boy. “Grande’s delivery and lyrics do recall all the songs ‘7 Rings’ has been compared to, but not so precisely that you can bet on a slam-dunk copyright-infringement case against her,” stated by The Atlantic.

“7 Rings” is featured in Grande’s fifth studio album titled, “Thank U, Next”.