Battle’s Uniqueness

The uniqueness of Battle High School

Ricardo Rodriguez, Reporter

As the newly established high school in Columbia, Battle is still on the lookout when it comes to their high school culture, their image and what makes them distinct from other schools. But within these six years, it has developed its own uniqueness and still tends to grow over the years.

Freshman Niyia Morris described how she thinks the teachers set Battle apart from other high schools. “The way the teachers help the students at Battle and the bonds they create with them by the time they graduate, I feel like that sets us apart from all the other schools,” said Morris.

From a staff member’s perspective, Tina Stever, secretary, has worked at several high schools and still sees Battle as different. “I worked at more than one high school and it definitely has a different feel than the other high schools and I think we have so many great teachers,” said Stever.

Stever also had a similar response to Morris when it came to the staff. “I think they are great teachers in the classroom and their also just great people in general.”

As a teacher, Jody Spriggs, art department chair, took a different approach when she thinks of what makes Battle different. Instead of the staff, she explained how the students make Battle distinct.

“I think of us as really innovative and inventive because we are so recently formed; our students are still inventing who we are as a school and so when we look at student leaders or people who step up to work on the image of Battle or the culture of Battle,” said Spriggs.

Spriggs also points out how Battle’s leaders are still trying to build the schools perception. “Its those students who are the innovators or the leaders because it’s not just helping come up with what our perception is, it’s inventing who we want to be.

“Spirit” wise, Morris also explains how she views Battle’s spirit. “I feel like we are very supportive, because even though we may not know everybody on these certain sports team. We still go to the games and we still support them. Battle just has a huge team of support behind them in academics and extra circulars.”

The school’s spirit doesn’t just show in academics and sports, it’s also shown through arts, performances and music. “I see our students as expressive and they use their unique perspectives, their home lives, their point of view, their take on contemporary culture and they put that into art expression, they put that into their performances, into their music,” said Spriggs.

The school has many unique things that makes them who they are and continue to strengthen its culture and image as a school.