Captain Marvel Movie Review

Marvel’s first female-led movie makes millions

Allison Collier, Reporter

Captain Marvel received a lot of media attention in the weeks leading up to its release. As the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to feature a female superhero as its main lead instead of a co-lead, the hype and the expectations were high. For some fans, there was a fear that the movie would focus too much on her being female.

The movie follows Captain Marvel as she follows the shape-shifting aliens, Skrulls, to earth, while also trying to figure out more about her mysteriously cloudy past. There, she teams up with Agent Nicholas J. Fury to investigate the Skrulls and the coordinates they are searching for.

For fans, MCU did not disappoint. The movie felt like it fit into the already established story, but also had an enjoyable plot and would be fun to see regardless of whether you’re a die-hard Marvel fan or a casual moviegoer. The pacing was good, and so was the music, making this a fun superhero movie.

The message of the movie wasn’t gender-specific either. It was a message that anyone could see themselves in, the human ability to pick ourselves back up again when we fall. That was something that the movie did well. It allowed everyone to see themselves reflected on screen for part of it, but also gave women a chance to see themselves in a more male-dominated genre.

As for how the movie compares to the rest of the MCU, it’s solidly in the middle of the pack. It had action, but not as much action as The Avengers. It was funny, but didn’t fire off one liners and hilarious gags as much as Thor Ragnarok or Guardians of the Galaxy. Due to its success so far at the box office, with $900 million in ticket sales worldwide, it’s probably safe to say this movie will not be forgotten anytime soon.