AVID takes on MIZZOU

Ema Higgins, Reporter

On April 26, sophomores got to visit the University of Missouri with the Bridge Mentorship group. Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an academic elective class offered for middle and high school students in Columbia Public Schools. In AVID, students get to expand their education skills in preparation for college. The AVID students at Battle go on two to three college trips a year.

The trip catered to the different areas of studies students may be interested in. Kiyah Woods, sophomore, attended the trip. “My favorite part of the trip was going to the law school and getting to see their mock court,” explained Woods. “I also got to meet one of the law professors there.” On the trip, students could visit the areas of the school that they were most interested in.

Bridge Mentors who attend the University of Missouri took the students on a tour of the campus. Dakota Salem, sophomore, explained how they got their specific major for the college visit. “We wrote a letter about our interests and got paired with a college student with that major,” said Salem, “I went on the tour with a medical student to the medical school and hospital.”

Salem believes AVID helps her prepare for college. Salem expressed, “AVID is a family but there’s so much more to it, like the organization and how they support me and will help me with applying to college.”

Sophomore Chase Dyer has been in AVID since he started high school. He also plans to be in it next school year. “The teachers specialize in helping you succeed, it’s nothing like a study hall,” said Dyer.

Dyer experienced a different side of campus, compared to the students that went to their fields of interest. Dyer explained, “They didn’t have a mentor in my field so I got a tour of the rec center and dorm rooms.”  

Sophomore Mya McCubbin got a tour of her preferred major. “I was in the psychology group,” stated McCubbin, “Hopefully one day I’ll do something with psychology and education.”

The Bridge Mentors will visit the AVID sophomores one more time in 4B on May 3, and in 1A on May 10.