Prom Extras

Alissa Perkins, Reporter

After weeks of long discussion the prom theme was officially decided:  “Golden Aura”. The Prom committee planned and set up the event using flowers, greenery, touches of gold, and sunset colors. Prom was held at Peachtree on April 27 from 8-11pm. The event was full of dancing, singing, and laughing students in their tuxes and dresses all night long.

Prom is an opportunity for some to celebrate with their friends before heading off to college, to be with everyone one last time before their lives change forever.

However for others, prom wasn’t something they were excited about. Senior Chris Olisah said, “I don’t want to go to prom because it’s going to be boring and I don’t have a suit, and I really don’t want to go get fitted… It all seems like so much unnecessary work to me. I might show up a little bit, but leave not too long after.”

Prom occurs every April for seniors, underclassmen or dates outside of Battle have to get a permission slip to be let into the dance.