Lily Drage, Reporter, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Student Council has created this year’s prom around the idea of “golden hour,” the time period of sunset, as the most sought after lighting for a photo. While the golden hour describes the lighting, 2019’s prom theme “Golden Aura” illustrates the other aspects of a seemingly picture-perfect concept.

Christian Koburov, senior, is looking to attend prom with friends. Koburov stated, “I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my friends.” One thing he is considering is amongst other things is what friend group to go with. Kuborov suggested, “It sets the setting,” when describing this years prom theme. He continued to explain that the theme does not majorly impact how participants go about the dance.

Student Council President Destiny Dollinge, has intermittently heard of the plans contributed to this year’s prom. Dollinger explained, “Student council doesn’t really plan the prom themes.” She went on to say that the theme is decided by the prom committee. Although Dollinger wasn’t present at the meetings for the theme, she said, “It [the Golden Aura] is very representative of this year’s students.”

Dollinger suggested that the theme was drafted upon the idea of “golden hour” a time where many look to take photos. Notwithstanding that some believe the theme serves little importance to the experience, Dollinger claimed, “The theme is very important to the experience.” She continued, “People get dresses and tuxes to match the theme.” Dollinger said that this year’s prom would be the first she will attend.

Anica Contreras, senior, is attending the prom with her boyfriend and a group of friends. She explained she is looking forward to “getting to see everyone before we graduate, before we go our separate ways.” Contreras said she is looking to go for the experience and the stories to tell. But despite preparation, she said, “where to take pictures,” is still among her concerns.

Nick Mirielli, senior, is attending the prom with his girlfriend. Mirielli admitted, “The food before,” was among many things he is looking forward to. Although excited for the prom, he suggested, “It’s really just changing the decorations.” Mirielli went on to say that the theme doesn’t affect the success of the prom. He admitted that going to prom, “It’s a once in a lifetime thing.”

This year’s prom will be held at the Peachtree on 120 East Nifong Boulevard on Saturday, April 27, from 8pm-11pm.