Sophomore Class Project

Raven Atwood, Reporter

   Every student in English 10 and English 10 honors was assigned a project using research that students could give to an audience, like a poster or something the viewers could be left with. Students were to pick problems around the world that violated a human right.

   Olivia Daller, English 10 teacher, had assigned this project to her students for the first time. She said, “Students normally every other year would do a paper, but out in the real world you wouldn’t write a paper about your opinion, you’d go out into the world and make a statement, so we did just that.”

    Students were able to use different skills in order to meet the criteria of the project and gain a better understanding of their topic. Daller said, “We wanted students to be able to use strong research skills and use credible sources in order to be able to give a good presentation and correctly inform the public, and be able to use persuasive skills all while earning Daller bucks if done well.”  

     Daller wants to inform students now rather than later. She said, “I wanted to be able to show them more than just an American view on the human rights violations and high schoolers have such a powerful voice and are moving into a part of their lives where they are more aware of things going on in the world and need to be educated.”

       Mia Contreras, sophomore, had done her project on human trafficking. She explained, “ I’m really glad we were able to do this project because we were able to learn it now rather than later and be able to fix it while it’s still relevant.”

Mia was already aware of her topic but learned more as her research progressed. She said, “It made me more aware and understand how the people involved were affected.”  

     Samantha Shupp, sophomore, had participated in the project convention. She said, “My project was about educational flaws in Africa and I’m glad we were able to talk about this now rather than later because we should be informed on these problems and find ways to stop them now.”  

       Shupp was able to take something with her after the project. Shupp explained, “My subject was really eye opening and shooking and I’m glad that I know what I can do in order to fix these problems.”    

    Schupp believes that learning it was a great experience. She explained, “It was a great project for everyone to learn and everyone to be informed on.”