CoMo Smile


Rachel Eaton, Reporter

Students can be spotted in October taking photos for senior students all over Columbia. The student-run organization, called Como Smile, is a non-profit that allows students to receive senior pictures at no cost. 

Peyton Toliver, a student who graduated last year, created the organization after her brother’s senior picture consisted of him in the backyard with a lightsaber. Toliver was a student in Matt Leutchmann’s EEE class when she came up with the idea for the program. Toliver determined that students who were not satisfied with their photos or did not have the resources to take them should have a chance to have the senior pictures they’ve always wanted to have. 

The student volunteers who take the pictures are trained on how to take the senior photos, and how to make the customers feel comfortable. The seniors can decide how they want their pictures to look. Como Smiles offers students different locations including Rock Bridge State Park, backdrop pictures in a studio, or an idea of their own if they have one. 

Matt Leutchmann, sponsor of Como Smiles, said Toliver did this “out of the kindness of her heart, because she wanted to help people.”Kalyn Showlen, freshman photographer for Como Smile, said she found out about the program in Leutchmann’s class. “We thought it was a good way to do what people deserve,” Showlen said. “I wanted to be a part of it right away.”

Allison Bivens, photographer and freshman, believes Como Smile is an important organization for many reasons. “If Como Smile didn’t exist, student’s couldn’t receive senior photos they are proud to look back on,” Bivens said.

Como Smiles is a merit-based organization so students must apply. Bivens explained that Como Smile is a merit-based organization so students must apply. “Students can pick up applications in the guidance,” Bivens said. “The counselors go through the applications and determine which will be selected.” 

Applications are due Friday, Sept. 27.