How athletes manage sports, school and social lives

Lilly Skaggs, Reporter

Many of our athletes have different methods to balancing out their sports, school and social lives. From football, baseball and volleyball, many athletes shared some similar tips. 

William Henderson, senior said, “It’s very time consuming, and requires a lot of time management. You have to manage your time and Be responsible” and 

“Be really organized with your time, no time for fun and games” said Jasper Lindsey, junior football player. 

Both Lindsey and Henderson are in CORE, an opportunity for athletes to receive extra help with academics during Spartan Time. 

With sports having practice almost every day after school, it gives athletes less time to spend on their homework, or with friends and family. “Eventually all of them will be done playing sports and if you didn’t develop the person you are then what do you have once sports are over,” said Atiyyah Ellison, head football coach. 

Sean Keene, junior baseball player, said, “I work my social life around baseball, but that takes away from my home life”. 

Lindsey and Henderson both said that they love the winning culture and appreciate the culture given around them. 

The football team even goes by an acronym, SPARTAN. “The meaning is really important to all the guys,” said Lindsey. “It’s realizing you’re playing for something bigger than you,” Henderson said.