New cellphone policy

Ian Melville, Reporter

New cellphone charts have been implemented in the classroom this year which have a red, yellow and green spot to dictate when students can use their phone. Green means students can use it, yellow means teacher directed, and red means that phones should be out of sight. 

Some students believe it is a weird policy; however, most teachers believe the change may have better outcomes than students thought. “It’s great, it is another tool to help students be more engaged in their work,” Benjamin Fortel, a physics teacher said.“

Fortel also added that has seen first hand how the new policy has made his students behave and engage in class more than they did before the new policy. 

Some students don’t have a positive attitude toward the new policy. Tristan Keith, senior, said he believes it’s keeping students from learning self-control. Keith said, “It’s bad, they want to treat kids like adults here but they treat us like children.” 

The change comes after Battle added a new WiFi policy to keep more students from using their phone. Last year, Battle referred 1,500 office referrals due to cell phone usage. According to Kim Presko, principal, that was 23% of the referrals written last year. 

Overall, with differing student and teacher perspectives a wider view of how it can help students in the long run with learning and educating students. Fortel said that he believes it is a good start to reduce phone usage in classrooms. Fortel said, “I think it is a great first step to more engagement and more connection to the lessons is a huge improvement.” Students can learn more about the new policy in their student handbook.