Battle basketball preview

Battle looks to have best year in school history

Jackson Meyer, Reporter

As fall sports season begins, that means that winter sports are coming right around the corner. The hardwood will soon be put to use, as the boy’s basketball team looks to build upon an impressive 20-8 record from the 2018 campaign. The Spartans are led by fourth-year head coach Brian Meny looks to bring the team their third straight 20 win season, and a chance to be back in the state playoffs. 

One key part of this season for the Spartans is that they will be returning the top eight players (four juniors and four seniors) and will be returning the starting five as well. Basketball success heavily revolves around the ability to play as a team and being able to share the ball, and the Spartans have an opportunity to do just that. 

Senior guard Maricus Grant believes the team’s chemistry will help excel the basketball team this year. “I believe that it will help us throughout the season and that once our weaknesses are strengths, there’s going to be nobody that can stop us,” Grant said. 

Head coach Brian Meny mentioned that it was a huge advantage to know the guys, know the system they are playing in. “Out of our top eight, many of those guys could start but it makes a world of difference because they know the system, and they know the work they need to put in,” Meny said.

Another key factor for the Spartans potential success this season is that the team has a great amount of experience. Building off of the fact that Battle will be returning their top eight players, all eight of them are upperclassmen.. As Meny said, “it’s nice to know that the team knows the system that they are playing in and they can know what to expect.”

It’s also key that they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Because of their experience, the Spartans will be able to play around those strengths and able to work around their weaknesses. 

The last reason why the Spartans could have their best year in school history is a stacked offense. The Spartans had four players in double figures who will all be returning this season. Battle is not going to be a team that will force the ball inside that often and they will rather be a perimeter threat to their opponents. Meny stated clearly what the emphasis on the offensive side of the ball for this season will be. Meny said, “We’re not a very big team and we have a lot of guards, as well as lots of experience. We will be shooting a lot of threes.”

Coach Meny also talked about what the team needs to improve upon this season. “We’d like to continue and try to improve our defense. We score the ball pretty well, but we will definitely keep pressing the defense. Rebounding will also be a focus this season for us,” Meny said. 

The Spartans have a chance to have the best team in school history. The talent and the chemistry are there, but it’s all about if the Spartans can stay consistent throughout the year, and if they have the ability to stay healthy. A back to back state playoff appearance is very reachable and it all comes down to how much they want it. The goal is set with Grant making it clear what he wants for the team. Grant said, “State is our only focus this season.”