There’s no place like homecoming


Aaron Melville

Taryn Criblez, Brihana Black, Kayli Lightner, and Emily Nowack laughing and enjoying the homecoming dance.

Marazul Bullard, Reporter

Students of all grades could be found in the commons dancing, singing, making funny faces in the photo booth, and having a good time with friends. Most school activities don’t consist of such enjoyment but this wasn’t an ordinary day at school. It was the night of the homecoming dance. 

Student council introduced the theme, “There’s No Place Like Homecoming”, inspired by the Wizard of Oz, in October.  Student council member Audrey Cornell said this year’s homecoming theme was very successful. 

I think there was a lot we could do with it,” Cornell said. “Especially with our spirit week being very involved in the theme.” 

Cornell also mentioned that there was a lot of behind-the-scenes planning to prepare for the event, but that she is overall happy with how the dance went. 

“It took us until halftime to set up, but in the end I think the extra time spent in hanging the balloons and streamers really paid off because it ended up looking great,” Cornell said. “We had about 800-900 people max so it was pretty big. It seemed like a lot of people had fun. There was a lot of dancing going on and we’re just hoping to make it even better next year.”

Homecoming queen, Christina Martinez, said that the decorations helped convey the theme. I feel like the decorations really hit home this year! It was beyond beautiful!,” Martinez said. 

Even homecoming king, Nicholas Sheaffer had a magical night. “School dances have never really been for me, but I did enjoy this year’s dance. It’s always a good time and a good opportunity to get away from academics and focus more on a social aspect,” Sheaffer said. 

Junior Rachel Jeffries attended the dance and had a lot of fun as well. “I think it went really well. I had a lot of fun just dancing with friends and not having to do homework,” Jeffries said. “I’ll most likely be attending next year’s homecoming too because I always end up having a good time.” 

Sheaffer also mentioned that he’d recommend going to future homecoming dances to other people. 

“I would recommend it just for the experience. It’s never been something that’s for me but it’s always been a good experience to have in high school and the opportunity to see some of your peers outside of school and to just have a good time,” Sheaffer said. 

In the end, the Homecoming Committee was able to raise $10,000 for Rainbow House.