Joker movie review


Picture provided by Warner Bros

Kenny Miller, Reporter

The movie “Joker” is absolutely amazing. There is no other way to put it. The story, the acting and the City of Gotham are breathtaking, brought to life by Todd Phillips.

The story is about Author Fleck and how he’s trying to make it in Gotham City. Fleck has a disorder caused by head trauma that makes him laugh, even if that’s not how he feels. This gets him into bad situations that he doesn’t mean to get into. Everytime he tries to be good and do his job, his society punches him in the face. This causes him to go crazy and turn into the Joker.

I have to give credit to Joaquin Phoenix who played the Joker. I didn’t have a lot of hope for him, judging from the trailers and having to follow some great actors who portrayed the character in other movies but Phoenix is incredible as the Joker. He makes the viewer forget every other version of Joker when he is on screen. I empathize with Author Felk because of how Phoenix acts out the scene. In the beginning of the movie, I can relate to the character and see that he is trying to be a good citizen of Gotham. Phoenix does such a good job that I can relate to him, even when he has gone absolutely mad and did some of the most horrific things I have seen in a comic book movie.

Another great thing the Joker movie does is create a great Gotham city. Gotham is dark and blank, there is trash everywhere and the people that live their are horrible. Every room looks dirty and filthy and it looks like a place that someone doesn’t want to live. The people that live in Gotham are also terrible people. They beat up Felk all the time for no reason and treat him like trash. This is perfect for the story because Felk is a good person, but in this environment it is easy to see how he can turn into the Joker. Every time he tries to help out and make a living, his society laughs at him and tears him down.

The movie isn’t perfect though. There were some moments that came up short from making it a perfect movie. First, I didn’t like how they had to put in Bruce Wayne. I think the movie would have been fine without him. Second, I didn’t like the twist with Joker’s girlfriend Sophie Dumond. I felt like it just came out of nowhere and it made me question other things in the movie. The movie is also very dark with some scenes that are hard to watch so if you don’t like darker movies I wouldn’t recommend this movie for you.

Joker is a great movie. Joaquin Phoenix is absolutely perfect as Joker and the Oscars buzz he is getting is well worth it. I think this is DC best movie since the Dark Knight, and fans of comic book movies should be excited to see what DC has next.