Students produce music

Band ‘After Dark’ hits the studio for the first time.


Jennifer Pereyra , Reporter

Turning up the volume in Dark Room Records, Upcoming band ‘After Dark’, with lead singer Jennifer Pereyra, and beat maker/piano player Towrie Marina Lem, are hitting up the studio and creating music for everyone to listen to.

After Dark is a lofi hip hop inspired band, influenced by Joji, Rich Brian, and XXXTentacion. The band was created not only for the excitement for the musicians, but because of the convenient access of a studio in Battle. “Our goal is to express ourselves through our lyrics which talk to our audience. Our music is based on perfect tragedies and impactful heart breaks,”Lem said. “We decided to make music to speak out our emotions through the words in the lyrics and the vibration of our beats.” 

Jennifer and Marina had always been interested in the process of music and were curious to discover what can be made. “It’s a very simple process, figure out what you want, find your people or even do it solo, but don’t let anything small put you down from creating something amazing” singer of ‘After Dark’ pointed out. 

Dark Room is a free after school activity where students can visit a professional recording studio and record their own music, be an audio engineer, be apart of the recording process, or simply explore the world of music. 

All categories of music are welcome at Dark Room as it ranges from a wide variety of genres. Being a singer or artist is not only limited to just CPS high school students, but well encouraged to other students to participate and express themselves without having to pay.   

With the help of their sponsor, and the schools recording studio. Recording can be done as soon as you get in contact, no matter your skill level playing instruments, or your knowledge on writing a song, help is always there every step of the way. 

“This is the club’s third year here, it was originally created to keep students not only entertained, but influenced to stay in school, and given a reason for students to strive to not drop out,” Amaya Daniels, a member of Dark Room informs. 

Darkroom Records sponsor and AP World History teacher, explained the purpose of the recording studio. 

“The recording studio is for people who want to explore different types of music on their own terms,” Smith said. . 

Dark Room Records is open to anyone interested in making something of their own. Contact Jordan Smith if interested in joining.