SHARP Voices

Choir sings at their first concert of the year

Mackenzie Banks, Reporter

The vocal arts concert was held on Oct. 10, a concert many students and families look forward to attending to listen to singers perform a variety of songs. 

One student, who wishes to remain anonymous, attended the concert, and said they enjoyed the concert for many reasons. “Out of all of the choirs I did see, Siren Sound was my favorite.” 

The student also mentioned that they would go to another concert and that they can’t wait for the Taste of Broadway concert at the end of the year. 

Breionna Silvers, member of Voices of Sparta, said they were overall happy with the performance. “One thing I would change would be how some of the students acted when there were performances going on,” Silvers said. 

However, Silvers did emphasize that she thinks the concert went extremely well, considering it was the first event of the year. 

Kayla Moss, a sophomore in choir, mentioned that she enjoyed the concert. Moss also highlighted her favorite part of the concert. “My favorite part was when all of the choirs were on stage harmonizing,” Moss said. “Even though some songs weren’t as great as they could have been, we still did great.”

There are over 150 members of Battle Vocal Arts members.