A new outlook

New tennis coach creates positive atmosphere


Kalea Baker , Reporter

The girls tennis team began the 2019 season by welcoming the new head coach Paige Smith. Coach Smith brings experience, positive attitude and many new strategies that have benefited the tennis team over this past season.  

This is Smith’s first year of coaching but she has had a ton of experience as a player. Smith played four years at Jefferson City High School and played at the college level at William Woods University. 

“Before taking the head coach position at Battle, I had never really had true coaching experience. However, I did see things on the other side as a player. I think my knowledge as a player has helped shape the coach I am today. It has been a learning experience but it has been a great ride,” Smith said. 

Jaylie Echternach, junior member of the tennis team, said she has enjoyed the addition of Smith to the tennis program. 

“I have enjoyed Coach Smith this year, I think we stepped it up and worked hard at our practices and made sure that this season we tried our best and we’re successful because we put in a lot of support and great team energy,” Echternach said. 

Smith has brought along some new coaching strategies and created a positive atmosphere amongst the tennis team. 

“She has been amazing to the members of our team and a great aspect to our school. She pushes us to do better and gives us support every day,” Echternach said.  

“It is important to know that everyone has different skill levels and experience when it comes to tennis, so working individually with an athlete is key. As a coach I implement different drills that I think will help players the most,” Smith said. 

 Smith has enjoyed the experiences she has had getting to know the girls on her tennis team.

“My favorite part has always been building relationships and making memories with the team. I think that’s the most important quality you can have. You will always have memories to look back on and keep in touch with your teammates,” Smith said.

Smith looks forward to seeing improvement amongst her tennis players. 

“Progress is definitely something I look forward to in seasons to come. It is essential to practice in the offseason  in order to improve during the regular season,” Smith said.