Eerily Enchanting

Album ‘K-12’ hits the Billboard charts


K-12 – Melanie Martinez

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

Melanie Adele Martinez, American singer-songwriter, actress, and director, has released her second studio album, ‘K-12’ on Sep. 6. With 13 songs on the album, and an additional eerily enchanting musical film written and directed by Martinez herself. 

After four long awaited years, Martinez came back debuting at number three on the US Billboard 200. The singer brings a vision that allows her quirky, colorful dark pop world to come to life with her very own film, based on the fictional character Cry Baby, who we first met on Martinez’s 2015 debut full-length album. Cry Baby, now of age, was sent to a disturbing boarding school hidden away in a deep enchanting forest. Cry Baby and her friends take on everything from school administration, bullies, and other students whose brains are under control by the by the evil principal and his staff. 

With 57,000 album-equivalent units, 30,000 of which were pure album sales. It is Martinez’s second US top-10 album. Both the album and the film were appreciated by the audience. Starting off with the first song on the album, “Wheels On The Bus.” This song brings a familiar, almost comforting beat, followed with Martinez’s mesmerizing vocals to a childhood lullaby.  

The second track is “Class Fight.” The song has a very catchy vibe, as it travels well through the listeners ears, making one unaware of the message in the lyrics. 

Next up “The Principle” with a pop-like tempo, followed with deep, many considered to be symbolic of a political message, and rebellious lyrics. 

“Show And Tell” is  a song that provides the listener with a very catchy beat, and a bass-controlled chorus. Containing lyrics to prove to her audience that she is also a human being, instead of what fame pictures her as.

The fifth track is “Nurse’s Office,” with its creepy-crawly type beat and visual lyrics. Also offering sound effects which the audience can’t get enough of. This song is also known to be Martinez’s favorite song on the album. 

“Drama Club” is a song almost every listener can relate to. With lyrics Martinez almost mockingly repeats: “I never signed up for your drama club”.

The seventh track, “Strawberry Shortcake” plays a typical, depressing track, known to be controversial. The song is comprised of Martinez’s feelings on what it’s like to get abused, with a portrayal of a woman’s body being treated unfairly by boys. 

“Lunchbox Friends” is a nearly-perfect vocal chop, making listeners do a double take. Blending in with it’s pop-synth beat, making the lyrics hidden. Written about Martinez longing for a committed friendship, one where she’s willing to die together. 

The tenth track “Orange Juice,” with it’s poppy ballad beat. The song seems to try to distract the listeners from the deep lyrics, reminding you to love your body the way it is, “Your body is imperfectly perfect.” 

“Detention” is a catchy song with a perfect down-tempo beat. Filled with pop-like lyrics, taking the listeners into Martinez’s world.

The eleventh song on the album, “Teacher’s Pet” grasps your attention, reminding you the album is not over just yet. The song is about hatred hidden through manipulative love, that can be relatable to some.

In the song “High School Sweethearts,” Martinez sets down her rules to a committed relationship, struggling to find her one and only true love. 

Finally, she ends the album with the track titled “Recess.” It is as low-based tempo, bringing the listener back to reality, making it the perfect song to wrap up the album, leaving the listener wanting more. 

Overall, each individual track on the album has it’s very own deep message as every lyric has a little something to teach you. Followed up with it’s astounding vocals and beats. ‘K-12’ is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and other music streaming apps, along with it’s film on YouTube.