Fashion Frenzy

Kaitlyn Bailey , Editor-in-Chief

When the leaves start changing, so does the fashion trends. Suddenly, you’re left regretting not owning a denim-jacket or a turtleneck sweater to help combat the cold temperatures during the fall. Here are the top six fall trends to keep an eye out for this year: 

  1. Silk Scarves 

Silk scarves that mimic bandanas have recently made its way to the top of the list this year. According to Etsy, they’ve seen a 30 percent increase in searches for silk scarves compared to last year. With many different colors and styles, you can easily style them with any outfit. In addition, they are the perfect transition from summer to fall, along with incredibly versatile. Silk scarves can also be styled as a belt, headband, bag accessory, and necktie. 

  1. Plaid 

Although fall is notorious for plaid, the trend is expected to be more popular than previous years because the plaid options are endless this year. From plaid overalls to booties, there are countless different styles for plaid, making it a fashion trend to look out for. 

  1. Turtleneck sweaters 

Turtleneck sweaters made an appearance in several New York Fashion Week outfits. The unique sweaters can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. According to, “A great turtleneck sweater can be as comforting as your preferred warm, seasonal beverage.” 

  1. Knee-high boots 

While booties were on top of the fall fashion lists last year, their rivalry recently made its comeback. Knee-high boots are a classic, as they look good with both jeans and leggings. You can also pair the boots with a knee-high boot sock, completing the fall look even more. 

  1. Snakeskin prints 

You’ve probably already seen the classic snake-skin print on your Instagram timeline feed. A popular trend during New York Fashion Week, the print has gone up 642 percent in searches on Pinterest. As a statement piece during fall, you can easily pair it with jeans and booties. 

  1. On the fringe 

Another top hit during New York Fashion Week was fringe. A statement piece known for its “bohemian vibes”, you can easily find fringe on sweaters, jeans, and more. Plus, you can pair it with statement earrings, jeans or leggings, and a wide variety of shoes, adjusting the trend to fit your style.