Seniors Rally Together at Annual Senior Tailgate

Kaitlyn Bailey, Editor-in-Chief

Senior year is known for many lasts. The last homecoming dance, the last first day, the last class assembly. Since 2017, it has become tradition that seniors rally together to celebrate their last football season at the senior class tailgate. This year, the class of 2020 saved that honor for their last football game as a high school student. 

“To a lot of seniors, this class is our family,” Ashley Watson, senior, explained on her thoughts about the senior tailgate. “We grew up with those boys on the field and we want nothing more than for them to succeed.” 

Daniella Calle, senior class president, said the senior class officers knew they wanted to host a tailgate since the beginning of summer. Planning and preparations for the event were not underway until the middle of August. 

“For most of us, this is our last time going to a football game with one another,” Callie said. “I felt like it was important for the senior class to celebrate that, so we were constantly trying to think of ways we could make it memorable for the senior class.”

Seniors celebrated their last football game with music, games, and photos. Hot dogs, along with veggie burgers were also provided for those in attendance. 

Senior Taryn Criblez was among the many students who attended the event. Cribez said she attended because she wants to take advantage of the senior class activities that have been planned for them. 

“A lot of the people who came to the tailgate are in different groups but it was nice getting to talk to seniors that I don’t get to see as often, and really just enjoy the last few times we have together,” Criblez said. 

While the number of students in attendance was less than last year, Calle said she hopes the senior tailgate continues in the future. 

“I think it’s an easy way for the senior class to get together because it’s right before the game,” Calle said. “For students to give up their Friday night before the game to spend time with their peers, I think it says a lot about the students at Battle. Sports and spirit is a way that the senior class unites together even with differences.” 

The next senior class event will take place on Nov. 20. Students can receive more information by following the Class of 2020 Instagram page @battleclassof20.