Battle celebrates senior night


Kenny Miller, Reporter

On Oct. 25 the senior athletes were recognized with their families on the football field. For the last four years seniors have put in blood, sweat and tears for the sports they love. Now as their last games and tournaments wrap up, they are recognized in front of the whole school. For many, senior night is an exciting time. For some coaches it is also filled with lots of emotions.

Joseph Henderson, the head coach of the softball team, said this year was emotional for him. “The three seniors I had were amazing and to see them be recognized brought back a lot of memories,” Henderson said.

The three seniors that Henderson is referring too is Kathryn Hosey, Allison Ferrell and Sophia Fernandez. They have all played under Henderson for the last four years of their high school careers.

It wasn’t just a perfect night for the coaches. For most players it was also a special night. Robert Smithburg, a senior on the football and esports team, was one of the seniors who got to walk across the field on senior night. “It was a great experience walking across the field with my parents,” Smithburg said. “It was a very exciting night for all of us seniors.”

Smithburg has never attended senior night, despite being on the football team; therefore, he didn’t know what to expect. “The last three years we just stayed in the locker room but this year we got to walk out in front of all of our teammates. It made the whole night feel a lot different.”

The Battle football team ended up winning against the Hannibal pirates on night, which Smithburg noted made the night a lot more special.

For seniors it was an emotional night; however, for spectators it was an inspiring night. Jonathan Cole,freshman in marching band, said this was his first time watching senior night. “I didn’t know what to expect. I saw all my senior friends walk across the field and it got me excited about my senior night,” Cole said.

Cole has only been in the marching band this year. He said even though he has been in band for a short amount of time, it was bittersweet seeing his friends enjoy their night. He also noted his is looking forward to the future of marching band.

The Battle seniors have put in a lot of work this year and are excited to finish their seasons and competitions for their last year.