Top 5 Christmas gifts

Jacob DeOrnellas, Reporter

With the holiday season coming up, everyone’s itching to get their hands on some of their favorite gifts this season. However, others might not know what to get with their money over Black Friday weekend. So, here’s a list for the top five gifts to get for the holidays.


iPhone 11

The new iPhone is a perfect gift this holiday season as it’s one of Apple’s cheaper new phone releases, along with features more upgrades. A great phone for a photographer because the phone has a new wide to ultra-wide system where the phone can now capture larger areas more easily. The camera is able to capture videos in 4k at 60fps (frames per second) and the phone allows you to edit the videos at an easier rate. A liquid retina display (LCD display) for the screen makes everything look amazing. The phone also has all day battery life and is water resistant.


Apple AirPods

AirPods are a set of bluetooth headphones to wear, so you will no longer have to worry about tangled  cords of regular wired headphones. They allow a “Hey Siri” function which lets users to control volume and change songs with simple voice commands. An improved wireless chip (H1 chip) which allows better and faster connections to bluetooth devices. They’re able to pair with any Apple or Android devices with bluetooth capability.


Apple Watch Series Five

The new and improved Series Five Apple Watch has a display that’s always on, so there’s no longer a hassle with having to turn the device back on. There are many customizations to choose from for the watch band as well as different materials for the watch itself. Includes an electrocardiogram (ECG) app to show a users exact heart rate. A noise app to alert a user when surrounding noise levels will impact your hearing in a harmful way. Is water resistant up to 50 meters and includes an improved General Positioning System (GPS).



If you’re having a tough time deciding which item to buy, just ask for some money instead. This would allow someone to still receive something valuable for the holidays while having more time to decide and purchase the item they actually want.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10

A phone that will make Android users ecstatic and iPhone users jealous. Has a 6.3-6.8 inch display and it’s AMOLED Infinity-O panel received the highest grade when it comes to smartphone displays. The S Pen is now able to complete tasks like taking selfies through air commands. It has an all-day battery life even with heavy usage, and is probably has the best quality in the smartphone business as of now.