Modern Warfare review

Andrew Madsen, Reporter


This year’s Call of Duty has strayed away from its futuristic theme once again and is a sequel to one of the most known  Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare has seen improvements in its graphics, gun play, and game modes. However, it also has some noticeable problems. 

Starting with the campaign, the story overall is pretty good. The story is based around a war happening in a fictional place called Urzikstan, and the goal is to stop Russians who are holding devastating chemical weapons. The campaign sets you in difficult situations. Putting you in a split second decisions, like having to decide whether it is ethical to shoot a civilian or not, or torture someone or not. The game sometimes even puts children into scenarios. Modern Warfare also has scenes with terrorists attacking civilians, and gruesome moments like a soldier getting his head blown off by a sniper. This campaign goes around its traditional run and gun enemies, and makes you think critically about your decisions. The campaign is an entertaining mode that has a strong story and interesting characters. 

 New guns, more advanced gun play, and new game modes like ground war are some of the new additions for the game. However, it also offers more multiplayer games.   In the old version, there are 10 base multiplayer maps, four night time maps, two ground war maps, and seven gunfight maps. There are 36 weapons in the game, and each gun has its own customization. This time around, multiplayer feels slower paced than normal due to the big maps and large amount of campers. In my opinion, this is one of, if not the biggest problems with multiplayer is the maps. The maps are large and filled with buildings and spots for people to hide or camp in. Some of the maps have a problem with spawns, and some just have a poor layout that punishes the people who try to run around to get their kills. The game also punishes people who put grips, stocks, barrels, or sights on their weapons by slowing down their Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed and making them move slower. All of this adds up to a slower paced gameplay where the best people are usually just the ones sitting in one spot the entire game. While this is a big problem, multiplayer is still a solid mode that just needs some adjustments. 

Spec ops is a coop mode where four people work together to complete specific tasks. This year they decided to make it different by adding only four missions and allowing you to use any gun that you have unlocked on it. The four missions are long and very challenging. The missions are annoying due to the never ending amount of enemies spawning, or the fact that they can kill you very quickly. The missions also have repeated objectives like defending a hacking device that just seem like they were added to make the missions longer and more challenging. Worst of all, while dealing with the never ending amount of enemies, you also have juggernauts, who can insta-kill you and take thousands of bullets before dying. Unlike in older MW2 spec-ops where you could choose a difficulty, here you can’t. When you  pass a mission, instead of getting to see more of the story that the mission was based on, all you get is a small amount of extra points and maybe a new operator, which does not really do anything for you. Right now spec-ops feels like it is too hard, and you are given motivation to even beat it. 

In Modern Warfares current state, it is a good game with some problems that should be addressed, but nothing game-ruining. The campaign is good to play through once or twice. Multiplayer is pretty good for the game having just launched, since there is plenty of time to make adjustments to those problems. Spec-ops feels a little disappointing. Beating it feels more like a chore than something you would play to relax. But overall this is a great game to buy as a fan of the Call Of Duty franchise, and especially the Modern Warfare series.