Border War is Back

Mizzou and Kansas renew a deal to renew the rivalry

Connor Parrish, Sports Editor

Border War is back, but not totally. Both Mizzou and Kansas basketball programs have come to a deal to renew the rivalry after a seven-year hiatus.

The border war started back in 1891 and gained its name after battles on the Missouri/Kansas border during the Civil War. The last time Mizzou and Kansas faced off in a regular-season game 2012 in basketball. The fourth-ranked Kansas Jayhawks beat the third-ranked tigers 87-86 in overtime.  Then in 2017, both basketball programs faced off in the sprint center in Kansas City, MO with all proceeds going to four different charities for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria.

However, the two schools renewed the rivalry on Oct. 21 of this year, when they announced that they agreed to have their basketball programs play for the next six years starting on Dec. 12, 2020, at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO with the Jayhawks acting as the home team. Every year the game will switch back and forth from the Mizzou arena and Allen Field House, with the last game being at Mizzou arena on Dec. 13, 2025.

Fans reacted positively to the news, noting that the Jayhawks will most likely dominate Mizzou. Kansas is considered one of the best college basketball programs of all time, while Mizzou has not had a winning season since 2018. Mizzou finished 20-13 during the 2018 basketball season.