Girls Basketball Season Preview

Nathan Stever, Editor In Chief

As the fall sports are close to its end, winter sports season is upon us. The hardwood will be in full use around the clock. Last season, the team finished with an 8-18 record, leaving room for big improvements this season. They are led by six-year head coach, Michael Fernandez.  

 Taryn Criblez, senior and team captain, said team chemistry is key to having a successful team.She added that by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of teammates, where they will be on the floor and being one step ahead of the other team. If the team has good chemistry they are more likely to win. With the new additions to the team, also come new opportunities, according to Criblez. 

“We can expect to see a lot of girls getting playtime  and different rotations especially with guards. We have more girls on the team this year so we will have a lot more rotations which should help us win games,” Criblez said.

Many of the freshmen  will get playing time on the varsity including center because of the new rotations. Kaelyn Johnson is one of those starters. She said she is looking forward to the opportunities that come with it. 

“The upperclassman help whenever I have questions. They are also very fun to be around with. I would want us to have a winning season because I wouldn’t want Battle to have another losing season.”

This year’s first game will take place against the Timberland Wolves.   They will have a new opponent this season, the Vashon Wolverines, who will face off against the Spartans on Dec. 8. 

Micheal Fernandez, head coach of the girl’s basketball team, says new competition can help the team excel. 

“We want to be a team that plays hard, they understand how I want things done, they always do their best to meet the expectations, we have some amazing seniors, and they’ve worked hard and been through this program all four years. I’m looking forward to it,” Fernandez said. “The girls are smart, talented and they listen which are some big things. We have a lot of experience on the coaching staff which will definitely be helpful.”

This will definitely be a season to look forward to for the Ladies of Sparta.