AP Drawing Perspective Art

Students put their eyes on the art

Jennifer Pereyra, Reporter

Drawing up a storm, AP Studio Drawing is working on perspective drawings of our school and experimenting with the use of charcoal. 

Students work on rendering of form, light, shade, and the illusion of space in their project. As they pick an on-site location to begin their drawings, students use linear perspective to look at the physical location. Once the composition is drawn, using H and B pencils to shade with graphite and create value to accentuate. 

This project helps students make a visual sense of the three dimensional environments around them while drawing, causing them to really analyze and keep in mind how they’ll sketch it down onto the paper, finishing with a pleasing realistic look. 

“The linear perspective drawing is a fairly challenging project, but extremely important in helping students connect the three-dimensional world to a two-dimensional drawing surface,” Art teacher Jody Spriggs explained. 

The students in AP Art spend time continuing to work on the project outside of class, using a level of skill, patience, and time well taken. AP Drawing students create several outstanding pieces of art. 

It’s really tedious and requires a lot of time and focus,” AP Art student Kaitlyn Siegel said. “At first it can be tempting to just not do it, but the longer you work on it and the more detail you add into it, the more you can see it come together. ” 

Tydha Kimhang, senior, had the same feelings towards the project, as she explained, “I felt anxious due to my lack of confidence in my art skills. I constantly felt art block and I felt like my level of skills weren’t showing any time of expression I felt onto my drawing,” Kimhang said. “Inspiration doesn’t come to those who wait for it. That’s a quote that Mrs.Spriggs told me while I was struggling with the perspective drawing and it was something that I felt a lot during the project.”

Even though many students felt worried and anxious at the beginning of the project, they do believe in patience and supporting one another through the process. In the end, it all comes together and brings a big sigh of satisfaction.